Chris’ Top Tips for Investment readiness  

Chris is an experienced Corporate finance professional, with a career in Corporate and Commercial Banking. Chris joined Investment Readiness in July 2017 and began helping high growth companies improve their chances of raising third party equity finance.  

Have you ever wondered what Chris’ top tips for investment readiness are?

  1. Don’t be shy, when it comes to your fund-raise!

More funding is needed than most entrepreneurs imagine, and it always takes longer to raise. It’s important to be objective and realistic. Articulate when follow- on funding will be required and how much. 


  1. Be resilient.  

Raising equity isn’t easy, there will be setbacks, but if you believe, are passionate, have the right product, with a market, a USP, and are fully prepared and rehearsed you should eventually succeed. It can be hard to find the right funder, at the right time, willing to invest. Be prepared for the setbacks. 


  1. Practice, Practice, Practice  

 When it comes to pitching, you need to be fully prepared. The pitch-deck needs to deliver all of the relevant content, it’s an investment sales pitch, not a product pitch. You need to be well versed and fully conversant with all aspects. The detailed financial information that underpins the whole opportunity should be second nature. 


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